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What to Say Series: When someone appears to be having a mental health struggle

Another common question I get after I speak at conferences or trainings etc., is, “What do I say to someone who appears to be having a mental health struggle?” That's what we'll dig into today!

Here's a quick summary

• How to approach someone in mental distress.

• Mental health struggles and fear of offering unsolicited advice.

• Simple ways to help someone in distress.

• Asking supportive questions to help others:"Are you okay?" and following up with "How are you really?"

• Mental health support and asking for help.

Questions to ask:

Are you ok?

Would you like to talk?

Can I help?

Is there someone I can get for you?

You don't seem like yourself - is something going on?

Thanks for joining!

I hope you found this helpful! It may not be simple to help someone who is struggling, but the process really is simple. Just notice. Care. Ask. Understand. Listen. And be a bridge.

So get out there, change the world, and take good care of yourself!

Love & Hugs!

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