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The Flip Side of "It's the little things..."

A couple weeks ago I wrote a Facebook post and someone commented "It's the little things." I don't recall what the post was about, but it was something small that made me happy. You've probably heard or said that before, and it' so true that we should notice and take joy in the little things.

This past week, I had an insight into another side of this. A darker side (bum bum bum 😱😱🎼!) It was Thursday. Laundry day.

I got up that morning, walked doggies, had breakfast and went upstairs to strip the bed. We have a combination of different brands of pillowcases and 2 of these pillow cases have one side that folds in to keep the pillow more snug. (It's sort of like those flip type sandwich bags many of us used before Ziplock was a thing!) So when I take it out I can't just shake it and the pillow falls out. I have to reach in and pull that flap and then pull the pillow out.

So that happened.

Then, I went back downstairs, started the laundry and got ready to feed the dogs. I had to open a new container of wet food for Roxie. It's a little tough to pull the plastic off and then the food gets on my fingers.

So that happened.

My insight? Something kept nagging me about my thoughts that morning and I finally figured out what it was. There are some days I don't wash those particular pillow cases because they're just for "show." On those days I have this quick moment of "Oh yay! I don't have to pull those annoying cases off :)" So on the flip side, on the days when I AM washing them, there's a little "Awe man, I've gotta pull those flaps out!"

Same thing with the food. When I know I've got to open a new container there's this tiny bit of dread lurking in my mind.

Now, bear in mind - these dreads aren't big AT ALL. It's not like I can't sleep the night before or anything crazy like that! In fact, I've never even noticed it. But this week, I did. And it occurred to me that if I pay attention, I bet there are other "little things" that are stealing my joy.




So, all I'm saying is if the little things give joy, the little things can take joy away.

I'm going to try to do better.


Love & Hugs 😘🤗

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