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Show Notes CYH Episode 42: Simply Thanksgiving

Welcome friends to Consider Yourself Hugged episode 42. Today’s Hug: Simply Thanksgiving (Click here to listen).

I’m Dr. Tami West, here every week to bring you tips on living a life that brings you mental and emotional wellbeing.

I know this is a busy week and your energies need to go toward family & friends, or however you plan to spend your holiday, so this’ll be short! Thanksgiving week really snuck up on me this year! I think it’s because we’re going to Orlando to see our daughter, so I’m not planning a big gathering at our home. If you follow me on Facebook you might know Lindsey is a new dog mom to one of Charlie’s little brothers – Sailor Nash is his precious name! She is over the moon in love with this dog (I can’t imagine where she gets that from), and of course as a 1st time dog grandmother I’m over the moon too! He’s 4 mos. old and she isn’t about to leave him to come to TN so we’re going there. So excited!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, yes even over Christmas. Yes, I’m a Christian and I love the meaning of the holiday. But the holiday itself causes me, um…., angst I guess. The pressure, anyway – childhood stuff 😁Don’t get me wrong – I do love the music and food and decorations. But Thanksgiving - that's my thing!

My grandmother used to make it so special. There’s no pressure. Not a ton of money. Just family time. With out blended family of 8 that’s grown to spouses and grandchildren, I think out biggest so far was 25!

I think even though I love it, sometimes I forget to truly be thankful. So let’s do this: I’m going to start a thread on facebook and here on the show notes. No pressure – honestly I don’t love it when there’s a guilt factor to comment!

The post will be pics of a memorable Thanksgiving. It could be a sweet one, a funny one, a difficult one – just one that’s memorable. Then write 1 sentence about what you’re grateful for related to that picture. Now let me say, my memory will be silly, so what I’m grateful for isn’t going to be deep! I’m not going to say I’m grateful for my family, or the love of Jesus or the veterans who allow me to live free. I DO love and am grateful for these things, but I’d like to have specifics rather than things we all tend to love – make sense?

THEN what I’ve decided to do is do a drawing from all the fb and/or show note comments. I’ve mentioned the last few episodes that I’m putting the giveaway on hold. The specific reason is I’m doing away with the shirts and mugs. The shirts were too difficult to manage size wise and the mugs are too fragile and expensive to transport and ship. But I have a few of both left. So, on the 12/3 show I’ll announce the winner.

There's a pic of the package you’ll get: T-shirt (I’m limited on sizes so you can gift it if it doesn’t fit you), mug, SC book and PP book.

I said it'd be short, so that’s our time for today. I encourage you this week to stay in gratitude. To guide your thoughts away from those that produce frustration & anger. To use words that are a light to those in your path. Please pass the show link along to a friend or two and subscribe, download, and review wherever you are listening. And look around here at to get info if you’d like me to speak at your next event. And I’d love for you to follow me on Facebook, my primary social media home at

thank you all for listening and growing our special community!

Finally, remembering our mental & emotional wellbeing goal, especially during this holiday week, I hope that you will renew your thoughts daily, adopt empowering language that prevents verbal harm to yourself and others, and make positive mental and emotional choices on a daily basis. And even though you may not have a puppy to love on, I hope you have the most fabulous Thanksgiving ever!

And until next time, after your turkey time, Consider Yourself Hugged 😘🤗

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Tami West, PhD
Tami West, PhD
Nov 26, 2019

I'm grateful for the funny memories created when meal prep doesn't go as planned (aka turkey doesn't thaw 🤣)

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