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Show Notes CYH Episode 36: What Type of Coffee Are You? Well-being and your personality style.

Welcome friends to Consider Yourself Hugged episode 36. Today’s Hug: What Type of Coffee Are You? Well-being and your personality style (Click here to listen).

I’m Dr. Tami West, here every week to bring you tips on living a life that brings you mental and emotional wellbeing.

Have you taken the Enneagram? My friends keep asking, me so finally I did - not sure I understand it lol!

I love personality styles so much that I wrote an assessment years ago called What Type of Coffee Are You? That’s what we’re going to talk about today!

So here’s the plan:

1. First I’ll talk for just a few minutes about personality tests in general.

2. We will talk about the 4 styles in my quiz and some basic descriptions, the good and the bad 😆

3. Finally I’ll give you 3 quick tips on using your style for mental and emotional well-being.

The Basics

Personality assessments are all based on questions about your relationships with people and your relationships with tasks. Some go deeper like the Enneagram, DiSC, and Meyers-Briggs. Some are quick and simple like Colors, Animals, and my personal favorite (😉) Coffee!

The Styles (Click here to download style descriptions)


Instant coffee has to be ready when? NOW! Instants tend to be introverts who work very fast. They are goal-oriented, productive, and great at meeting deadlines. Under pressure they can become blunt, demanding, impatient, and dictatorial.


Cappuccino coffees tend to be sweet drinks consumed during social occasions. Cappuccinos tend to be extroverts who work slowly and methodically. They are relationship-oriented, helpful and observant. Under pressure they can become overly emotional, passive, and indecisive.


Espresso coffees give us energy and get us moving! Espressos tend to be extroverts who work very fast. They are creative, fun, and love to work in groups and brainstorm. Under pressure they can loose focus, become unrealistic, and have difficulty finishing a task.


Without caffeine, Decaf coffees are mellow drinks without the “kick.” Decafs tend to be introverts who work slowly and methodically. They are detail-oriented, organized, methodical rule-followers. Under pressure they can withdraw, become overly critical, and have difficulty completely a project as they obsess over the details.

The Tips

1. Understand that there is no one best style.

2. Use your style as a tool, not as an excuse or a weapon.

3. Use your style as part of your overall emotional and mental health.

And that’s our time for today. I hope your learned something that will help you in some way! Please pass the show link along to a friend or two. Look around here at to get info if you’d like me to speak at your next event. The personality link is embedded all over the place (including here) so be sure to grab it! I only ask that you give me credit and stay in touch as to how it went - tag me on Facebook, email me, etc. And I’d love for you to follow me on Facebook, my primary social media home.

The monthly giveaway will come from leaving a comment on the blog there so be sure to do that. It’s still a CYH mug, which I know you’ll love. And thank you all for listening and growing our special community!

Finally, remembering our mental & emotional wellbeing goal, I hope that you will renew your thoughts daily, adopt empowering language that prevents verbal harm to yourself and others, and make positive mental and emotional choices on a daily basis.

And until next time, Consider Yourself Hugged 😘🤗

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