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CYH Bonus Episode: Gabby Petito Women & Safety

Technically the new season of Consider Yourself Hugged begins next Wednesday, October 13th – it's recorded and in the queue! But we were talking a few days ago about Gabby Petito and realized we wanted to talk about it with you. So, we’re simply calling today “The Bonus Episode” (Click here to listen)!


In the show notes are mostly ideas and links – ways to become more safe in your world as a woman. PLEASE, maybe more than ever before, share your ideas as well. You can share here on the show notes with a comment, on Facebook, or on your Podcast platform.

Here we go – a numbered list of our thoughts (not necessarily in the order we discuss them on the show):



2. Pay attention to Red Flags in any relationship! How many times in a relationship have we minimized a red flag? Well, that’s bad, but I bet that person wouldn’t really do that? Here are a couple of websites to help you if you’re experiencing a potentially abusive relationship


3. It’s a different world since Covid. More women/people than ever (except maybe the 60’s) are jumping in a car or van and traveling the country. Like Gabby, they’re posting on social media, documenting their adventures. While that is amazing, we’ve got to be safe!



Share your location via iPhone or Google Maps


5. Preparing for safety


6. Becoming physically fit increases your confidence, so take care of that body!! Make it strong! I found this website; it’s really an advertisement for a gym and not super current, but it’s succinct about why this is important!


7. Helping keep other women safe:

  • Encourage your company to offer classes.

  • Send safety info to your friends.

  • Check on your friends


Thanks for joining today! We’re passionate about getting this info out there, so share with. your friends! Remember, next week will be the official start to this season of the show, so post your questions and comments wherever you’re listening. As we’ve always asked in the past, please pass the show link along to your friends and subscribe, download, and review wherever you are listening. If you haven’t joined our private FB group A Place for Women: Consider Yourself Hugged, please do that now! It’ll be your source of encouragement!

Thank you so much for joining us again and for the upcoming growth of our place for women!

And until next time ladies, Consider Yourself Hugged 😘🤗


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