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CYH Episode #75: The Mind: Your Emotional Triggers

***Disclaimer: We provide these notes as a skeleton for the show - nothing fancy 😄

Welcome to Consider Yourself Hugged: A Place for Women! Click here to listen to Episode 75.

Today in the final episode of our series, we go deeper with our series about Women & Relationships in 2021. This week, we discuss Emotional Triggers. We'll actually each present our triggers in somewhat of a "therapy" session together!

We asked in our private Facebook group, "What are your emotional triggers?" We heard:

  • being lied to

  • feeling inadequate

  • seeing or hearing about mothers & daughters together

  • shrugging off an illness that isn't visible

  • feeling belittled

  • when the unexpected happens

  • unsolicited advice

  • being told how you're supposed to feel

  • trust betrayed

Today isn't about solving the issue; it's about the trigger itself.

Below are some questions and ideas to work through these triggers!

1. Do you want it to stop (Michelle has one version of this, Tami another 😁, so

is it a problem or, are you keeping it because you are gaining something?)

2. What are you gaining from it?

3. Is it person-dependent?

4. What’s the downside to NOT being triggered?

5. What’s the thought you have?

6. What’s the emotion?

7. Think of someone you respect who doesn’t get triggered.

8. Practice with a friend.

As always, Please pass the show link along to a friend or two and subscribe, download, and review wherever you are listening. If you haven’t joined our private FB group, now's the time! We've changed the name to A Place for Women: Consider Yourself Hugged. It’ll be your source to continue the conversations with women and for feeling understood and supported!

Thank you so much for listening and growing our special community of women!

And until next time ladies, Consider Yourself Hugged 😘🤗

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