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What Clients Are Saying

Reginald Ross, President
School Nutrition Association

We were so pleased to have you speak at this year’s ANC. We were even more grateful after hearing your COVID year and a half, and your inspiring
story. Your complete honestly was so refreshing and so well received by our members. We are so grateful to continue our relationship with you over the years, and the love you have for our members comes through so passionately, it is really moving. We had a ton of staff attend your session as
well, and they were so impressed!!​

Tami has been our speaker at the Tennessee Association of Medical Staff Services annual conference. She is an awesome motivational speaker. She has spoke at our conference on several different occasions and she continues to captivate our members with her presentations. Tami is very funny and has a tremendous amount of energy. We have had requests to bring her back time and time again. Tami will be the one speaker that everyone is talking about long after your conference is over.” 


William Owen, Coordinator

Family Recourse &

Youth Services

Coalition of KY

If you could place  stress, research, comedy, and reality into a blender, then you would get a unique treat.  The lady serving that treat, Tami West, would sprinkle in her own secret ingredients that would not only enhance the taste but make it memorable.  Dr. West continues to educate, entertain, and encourage the 

families at Hopkinsville Middle School.  

Debi Davis, President

Tennessee Association

Medical Staff Services

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"Tami West is an amazing speaker who uses personal testimony to captivate her audience.  She reminded me it is okay to feel my feelings and do what is necessary to maintain my own mental wellbeing."

Megan Doran, SNS

President, MD School Nutrition Association

Director of Food and Nutrition Services

St. Mary's County Public Schools

“Tami-is a dynamic speaker! She has worked with us at various times. She has the ability to draw in others into discussions. She has always gone above and beyond what we have expected. She is polished and rated in surveys as our TOP speaker.” October 11, 2012 

P.J. Davis, Executive Director

Shalom Zone 


Tami was an awesome instructor! She was enthusiastic, entertaining, and offered great insight. She was engaging, had our group laughing, and helped us to learn a lot about the importance of how we communicate with others.
KPMG  Dallas, TX


Best workshop I've attended in a long time.  Kudos to the speaker - Tami was fantastic! King's Daughter's Medical Center, Ashland, KY


I can not thank you enough for the GREAT job you did yesterday!  We have gotten SO many awesome e-mails from people stating that you were one of the best speakers they have heard! Our Committee thanks you!
Lisa Mahnke, SC Johnson


I have seen Tami deliver messages to many different groups - students, teachers, principals and county administrators. She has the ability to connect with each group and make a difference! Her messages are always inspiring and never without humor!
Benny Bills ~ Director of Schools, Sumner County, TN.


I absolutely loved these two days. I have learned so much and the best part is that I can apply it to my everyday life. Tami West is an excellent teacher!
Susan Quintas ~ Executive Assistant, Prudential Insurance 

Your delivery was so engaging to our members that we could have stayed for more & would have lost all track of time!      

Nancy Jacob, President Indian Association Medical Staff Services Professionals

It was the BEST Inservice day we have had! Many positive comments about the presentation.   

Sherry Armstrong, Director, Blount County Child Nutrition

Tami presented at our Women’s Conference in 2014 and truly spoke to the heart of the women.  I know each of them left that day with a different outlook on busyness and how it’s okay to take time for themselves to help better manage stress.  Our audience gave Tami an overall excellent rating! 

Jenny Golden, The Medical Center Community Wellness Director

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