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Speaking Topics

In any given year, Tami could speak to 50 to 100 groups. Groups can be 100 people or 3,000 people. It could be a light-hearted, rib-tickling keynote or a heavy training for teams not getting along. It's virtually impossible to list every topic. Here's a smattering of popular sessions, and even with these every event is completely customized to meet your needs.  So read a bit here and then head on over to videos to see some of these topics in action!  

Tami's Most Requested Topics


The Stress Club: Take your power back!

The American Institute of Stress has reported that America is “on the verge of a stress-induced public health crisis.” Stress-management advice, training, and products are abundant, yet statistics continue to worsen. There’s a reason why stress-management techniques aren't working: It’s risky not to be stressed because you’ll be kicked out of the club! The Stress Club opens eyes to these pressures and teaches you how to disconnect from stress forever. This session, based upon Tami’s research, is guaranteed to make you laugh AND forever change the way you think about stress!

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Managing Emojis 

You might remember the early days of texting when you could let someone know you were : ) or : ( and that was about it. Today, you can express any nuance of emotion you’re feeling including (new in 2018) woozy face! Life situations can certainly elicit a range of emotions every single day, some good some not so good.  Most of us would prefer to experience more of the former! In what has been called the most inspirational, life changing anger story you'll ever hear, Tami shares the story of her mother's crippling battle with mental illness and the shocking transformation (mother and Tami) that will leave you forever changed. 


10 Steps to Mental Well-Being
(New in 2022!)

In 1995, Tami West spent time in a psychiatric hospital diagnosed with panic disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Using her experiences and her research, she has spent over 25 years helping others in the workplace who just want a little peace and calm in their personal and professional lives. You want to be there for your families and your business but this entails being mentally healthy yourself! In this fast-moving, insightful, and interactive session, you will learn cutting edge techniques for improved mental well-being. 


What Type of Coffee Are You?

Have you ever received an assignment from your boss without so much as a please or a thank you? Do you have a colleague who talks and talks and talks and drives you crazy? What about the “life of the party” who never seems to get anything done? The list of irritating behaviors can drag on and on because we all have different personalities. In this session you will take a simple, fun quiz to identify your predominant “Coffee” style and then learn how to communicate better with styles different from yours.


Consider Yourself Hugged

Science shows again and again that hugging improves the mental and emotional well-being of both the Hugger and the Hugee.  It’s not likely that the workplace would or should become an all-day hug fest, so are there other avenues that might provide the same benefits? Indeed there are! In this fun-filled session, Tami will equip you with 4 proven strategies to give you that just hugged feeling and also help you become an encourager to those around you.

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Mental Health in the 2022 Workplace

Chances are, someone in your workplace has had a significant mental health struggle at some point, especially through the pandemic. How do you know? And what do you do? Employers and employees alike are asking questions like,

  • "How do I know if a behavior is 'quiet quitting' or a mental health concern?"

  • What do I say to someone who is struggling?                                   

This session will help you develop skills that take the awkwardness out of the conversations and to create a supportive, productive environment for everyone.

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