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Show Notes CYH Episode 23 - How Can We Be OK When Everything Else Around Us Is Not OK?

Welcome friends to Consider Yourself Hugged episode 23. Today’s Hug: How can we be OK when everything else around us is not OK? (Click here to listen in iTunes. Click here for Spotify. Click here for SoundCloud. Click here for Stitcher.)

I’m Dr. Tami West, here every week to bring you tips on living a life that brings you mental and emotional wellbeing. Phew it has sure taken Angela and me a bit of time to have this chat and the wonderful thing is that the timing could not be more perfect! She sent me a few thoughts and then we just let it flow, and I know it’ll speak to you in whatever way you need to hear it. Angela and I met at church I THINK in 2012 and became fast friends. We’ve been through lots of ups and downs together, and I admire her tenacity and desire to grow so much! So let me read her bio and we’ll jump right in:

Angela Howell is a wellness and success expert who has allowed adversity to be her greatest teacher. When a work injury ended her award-winning sales career, Angela reinvented herself as a photographer, writer and abstract artist. Angela is the best-selling author of Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness. She is also a national speaker and transformation coach, using her own coaching program to help clients create, A Life Worth Having. Passionate about wellness and success, Angela has been seen in Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo News and she was a former contributor to Huffington Post. Angela is devoted to inspiring people to find renewed passions for living, loving, working and playing. And of course, just being!

A few nuggets I took away from our chat, some we referenced in the episode & some I just loved afterward!:

Am I willing to allow some joy today to go right alongside with the sadness I feel?

Everything can co-exist because we’re such complex beings that we have pieces of joy and pieces of sadness and grief and anger and depression – all at the same time and it’s ok!

Maybe a meltdown is exactly what you really need? Sometimes we need to let the “old” melt away so the “new” can emerge. When life’s circumstances are at their hottest, the greatest work is being done in us. Trust in the process and know you’ll come out of them better, stronger and more refined. Absolutely everything works for our good. (Finding the Gift, August 20th reading)

Hard times propel us down the road of life.

More gifts will come when we’re looking for them.

"He does not believe who does not live according to his belief." ~Thomas Fuller

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Lindsey Barnes
Lindsey Barnes
Jul 05, 2019

Love this!


Tami West, PhD
Tami West, PhD
Jul 05, 2019

Angela, I loved our time together SO much!! I know this is going to help so many people :)

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