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A Simple Word that Enhances Relationships

I have no scientific proof of the big statement I'm about to make. I haven't formally studied it. I've Googled what it might mean, without success. But I know in my gut, in my heart, and in my head that it's a big deal.

Consider this scenario: You head to a friend's house to pick something up (doesn't matter what - for whatever reason, you're there). She (or he!) is making dinner and points to a bag and says to you, Oh I just discovered these amazing chips - want to try one?

It's happened, right? Change the details, but we've all been offered some edible delight from someone at some time. Now, we have a choice and I'm venturing to say that most of us would say something like, Oh no I'm good thanks!

A few weeks ago, Tim was doing a headshot for a woman we go to church with. It was around dinner time. I was cooking. I looked at her and said, Have you ever had BoomChickaPop - it's delicious!!! To my surprise, she said:

Yes I would love to try it thank you for asking!!

So often we turn down offers of food or help. It could be for many reasons: we think we're putting people out, we don't want to be a bother, or maybe we don't even consider a yes as an option and simply default to no. Maybe it's a food allergy/sensitivity or some other reason. Maybe we're busy.

It's kind of a weird thing to put into words, but when she said yes, I was just so happy that she was about to partake in the most joyous food I know right now (FYI, I have it every day, and the best place to get it is Sam's Club!) I felt a connection with her. I wanted to be her friend for life. It felt like she was excited to hang with me for a few minutes and to be a part of my world.

I don't know if everyone experiences this thrill of a yes to your food offer, but just think about it for a moment. It applies to so much more than just this. Think of the last time someone offered you to take food home. No, I'm good thank you. I'm not saying it's rude or bad, but I'll bet when you've said yes it made the hostess/host happy.

Maybe someone has offered to help you at home or pick something up and you said no. Sometimes a no robs someone of being a blessing to you. I also think if we put our intuitive caps on, we can tell when an offer is made only out of obligation. Then, a no may be the best option unless you really need what is being offered.

So that's all really. Yes I would love your chips. Yes I would be thrilled to take this food home. Yes I would very much appreciate your help. Yes if you could pick that up for me it would mean so much.

The word Yes. Just something to think about!

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