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Tami West, PhD - Stress Expert and Funny Motivational Speaker     615-497-7714     

Thrive: Channel your courage, speak your truth, and SHINE in the midst of life's challenges

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Do you ever struggle with feeling like a fraud? Do you wonder why you can’t balance school and your life? Do you wish you could experience more gratitude and peace in your life? Have you battled trauma, addiction, or anxiety? We have, and we are here to help you discover blessings within difficulties. It is not just about getting through life changes; it’s also about using them as a launching pad for joy.

No other book out there will impact your lives as this one will! Each chapter is filled with our personal stories of falling down and getting back up—of overcoming and soaring. We have made every effort throughout the book to be transparent about our own struggles. You will read about humor coexisting with heartbreak. We will also share our essential moments of grace. You will laugh, cry, shake your head in disbelief, be challenged and inspired, and, at times, drop your jaw in awe!

A marvelous professional and personal life awaits you. From Surviving to Thriving is a must read for those educators who want to live a ‘great-full,’ authentic, purposeful, fully present, grace-filled, fulfilling life. Your life is about to change!

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