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Become a Master Communicator!

Is this you?

  • Do you choose not to speak up for fear of an argument or worse?

  • Are you afraid to speak up in meetings, maybe lacking confidence in front of others?

  • Are you often misunderstood by others?

  • Do you have trouble receiving or giving feedback?

Here's what we'll work on:

  • Problem solving BEFORE you choose to talk

  • Taking the great parts of your voice to craft a message others will hear

  • Delivering and receiving feedback confidently

  • Scripting difficult conversations

  • Preparing for unexpected questions and/or comments during conversations

  • Dealing with anger and other emotions

Work/Life Balance

Is this you?

  • Always stressed-out without a moment's rest?

  • Putting everyone else first with no time leftover for yourself?

  • Lying awake at night, your mind racing?

  • Feel like there's no chance you could possibly balance it all, whether it's work, spouse, children, school, and more?

Here's what we'll work on:

  • Recognizing (and changing if need be) underlying thoughts & experiences that got you to this point

  • Evaluating the parts of your life that are out of whack, and altering the plan

  • Speaking up when you need something

  • Understanding your emotions and how to use them

  • Redefining stress in a life-changing way

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