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Tami West, PhD - Stress Expert and Funny Motivational Speaker     615-497-7714     

The Stress Club - Book

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Have you mistakenly joined a club you didn’t even know existed? Do you:

◦feel guilty when you take 15 minutes for yourself?

◦juggle overwhelming responsibilities with little or no help?

◦lie awake at night planning for tomorrow’s chaos?

Why is it so hard to live a live that allows you to care for yourself? Because pop culture normalizes and even glorifies stress, women are unknowingly pushing themselves to engage in the very practices that lead to stressed-out lives.

Enough! It’s time to stop participating, take your power back and live your own life. Join Dr. Tami West in rejecting the notion that stress-free living somehow means you’re not doing it right. In The Stress Club, you will learn how to re-frame daily challenges, change your entire approach to stress, and exit the club! The revised edition includes a new introduction, numerous updates, and the addition of chapter study questions which will empower you to start living your life with more ease and less stress.

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