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Tami West, PhD - Stress Expert & Funny Motivational Speaker   615-497-7714     

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"Tami is very funny and has a tremendous amount of energy. We have had requests to bring her back time and time again!"

Debi Davis

President, TAMSS

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"Tami West was amazing!  She connected with our audience immediately.  She was very entertaining and really made us think!" 

Heather Plain

President, ISNA


If you could place stress, research, comedy, and reality into a blender, then you would get a unique treat.  The lady serving that treat, Tami West, would sprinkle in her own secret ingredients that would not only enhance the taste but make it memorable.  Dr. West continues to educate , entertain, and encourage the 

families at Hopkinsville Middle School.  

William Owen

FRYSCKy Coordinator


What People Are Saying:

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Dr. Tami West cannot diagnose or treat your skin rash.  She’s not that kind of doctor. What kind of doctor is she? The kind who became a PhD solely to help others live happier, more fulfilled lives.


Phone Number: 123-456-7890    /     Email:   

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