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Show Notes CYH Episode 39: Our Inner Critics Part II

Welcome friends to Consider Yourself Hugged episode 39. Today’s Hug: Our Inner Critics Part 2. (Click here to listen)

I’m Dr. Tami West, here every week to bring you tips on living a life that brings you mental and emotional wellbeing.

I did not name the inner critic episode a few weeks ago Part I because I didn’t know there’d be a Part II! But viola!! Here we are. Here’s the scoop:

A few years ago I was speaking at an event that did not go well. AV didn’t work, the crowd was about a quarter of the size it was supposed to be, they were very lethargic, and I was not great LOL! A friend was with me and we left to go have dinner. We found a place in this cute little historic Square and sat down all warm and cozy inside. The server came to our table and said something about offering us a beer and then said, "Oh do y’all drink?" and I said "I do tonight" LOL! Now I have not had anything to eat since that morning it was about 7 o’clock at night AND I hardly ever drink I’m such a lightweight.

I got a glass of wine and I drank that glass of wine pretty quickly because I was thirsty and if I drink wine it is barely stronger than grape juice! And boy did it affect me. I looked at some texts that I sent. But after the effects of the wine wore off and especially after a night's sleep, I began that whole beating myself up.

A friend and I are working through the self-esteem book I talked about in Part I. (Here’s a link to that episode.) Last week we did chapter 1. Like most chapter ones of books it was basically an overview, but 3 things and how I processed them impacted me so much I want to talk about it here. (Click here or the book pic to get the book.)

1. Is your low self esteem global or situational and if situational, what triggers it?

2. What function does your critic serve?

3. Name your critical inner voice.

And that’s our time for today. I hope this helped you as much as it helped me! Please pass the show link along to a friend or two and subscribe, download, and review wherever you are listening. Look around here on my website to get info if you’d like me to speak at your next event . I’d love for you to follow me on Facebook, my primary social media home at

I’m still suspending the monthly giveaway for a bit as I decide what to do next. But still please leave a comment on the show notes. And thank you all for listening and growing our special community!

Finally, remembering our mental & emotional wellbeing goal, I hope that you will renew your thoughts daily, adopt empowering language that prevents verbal harm to yourself and others, and make positive mental and emotional choices on a daily basis.

And until next time, Consider Yourself Hugged 😘🤗

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