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All Women Hide Things

Or do we? My husband Tim showed this news story to me this morning (Click here for story). Since he's a photographer he gets this in his newsfeed. Of course, this is AWFUL and those of us who have ever been bullied can identify and feel her pain. I want to mention something very specific she says: "You never know what somebody's going through." Stay with me for a minute. Screen Shot 2017 01 08 at 9.05.38 AM

Here's a similar quote from Mishae, one of the women in my study: "No matter how blessed they look from the outside, like when you get to be close with them and you really see everything, you're like usually shocked." Here's where it gets deep: Mishae's reply was based on a scenario I presented in our

interview. It's about a woman named Samantha who loves her life - works part-time, has a flexible schedule, great boss & co-workers, and a devoted husband. Most of the women in my study were pretty upset with Samantha, saying she lived in a fantasy land or a dreamworld. Many believed that she was hiding something or tragedy would come soon.

What to do with this? Breana (photographer) uses that phrase in a particular way: Be kind to each other. Don't say hurtful things that might push someone over the edges. Don't make assumptions about others' lives. Words to live by!! Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all did?

Mishae, and the other women in my study, also had those intentions, but there was more. There's this unspoken assumption that we women aren't supposed to be happy. That life is not supposed to be good. That no one has a good job AND a supportive spouse! No way. And if a woman says this, she's lying. She's hiding something. The horrible part of this is that we don't even realize this doesn't have to be true!

What IS true is that we often feel like we have to hide happiness. Because if we're happy and everyone else isn't, we're out of the club. How crazy is that? I'm here to say we gotta stop that! Of course we get in seasons of life that are tougher than others. And sometimes tragedy happens. But I'm saying, as daily life goes, we should strive for peace and happiness and then talk about it - don't hide it! Eventually we'll start a revolution of loving life. I'll start, and I'd love for you to comment as well - on Facebook or here on the blog:

I love it when I work from home - sometimes I don't even get out of my pj's!

Your turn :)


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  • P.J. Davis

    Tami is a dynamic speaker! She has worked with us at various times. She has the ability to draw in others into discussions. She has always gone above and beyond what we have expected. She is polished and rated in surveys as our TOP speaker.
  • Lisa Caldwell

    Tami led a couple of sessions at a conference I attended in the UK. Her talks were entertaining and inspirational, giving me much food for thought and lots of practical tips for self-improvement both at work and at home. Her books offer more of the same. Book her - you won't be disappointed.
  • Connie Holder

    When the Conference was over and the evaluations collected and tallied – on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being “excellent,” Tami’s scores were ALL 4’s. Comments included, “I could listen to Tami for 8 hours,” “please bring Tami back,” “would like more time for Tami West to speak,” “Tami was the highlight of the conference,” “Tami was absolutely inspiring! And funny! I would love to hear her again,” “Tami West – GREAT,” “Tami West was FANTASTIC.” Those comments pretty much say it all.
  • Diane Bryant

    Tami has spoken numerous times for the Tennessee Association of Medical Staff Services' annual education conference. She has always done a superb job! She is such a talented speaker that you feel like she is talking directly to you, not the other people in the room. In the session she will make you laugh, make you reflect, and definitely make you think.
  • Nancy Jacob

    Your delivery was so engaging to our members that we could have stayed for more & would have lost all track of time!
  • Sherry Armstrong

    It was the BEST Inservice day we have had! Many positive comments about the presentation.

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